How long would I have to wait to pass a drug test?

I decided to eat an edible last night and it was REALLY strong. But anyways, I am looking for a job and I want to be clean for a drug test. How long do you think I’ll have to wait for a urinalysis to come back negative if I am required to take a drug test? I weigh 150 pounds, 16 years old, 5’7, I have a faster than average metabolism, but i do have a belly. I only get high about once a month.

Julie D.

30-40 days.


It takes 2 weeks for a urine test to come back clean. It doesn't matter how fast you think your metabolism is, your weight or how much you drink or exercise.


d,l - delta 9 - 3,4 transtetrahydrocannabinol is a fat soluble molecule . it is rapidly absorbed into your body fat , then slowly released . it is detectable with the ELISA ( enzyme linked immunosorbent assay test ) whiz quiz for a month .