I had jaw surgery because I had tmp limiting my mouth opening to 22mm I had a bone cut and now can open 35-40 will I be discharged?

its tmj and I don't have any screws or pins I'm really nervous about being discharged

Mr. Smartypants

'Discharged' means 1. Allowed to leave a hospital. 2. Being drummed out of the military. 3. Fired from a job (perhaps obsolete). 4. An electrical charge neutralized. 5. Fired, like a gun. 6. Emptied, like a fire extinguisher. Maybe you could have told us what sense of being 'discharged' you are worried about! I can imagine TMJ surgery must really be horrible. I'm glad it worked for you!


I'm just worried because I really want to be in the service and don't want to be medically discharged from the service and yes it was horrible but I'm better then I was before son don't see why id be discharged.