I’ve been taking doxycycline and threw up my dose?

Same thing happened yesterday morning. I take it twice a day for a week. I have 2 doses left. I throw up generally an hour after taking it. Am I wasting doses? Will it not work? Also I’m a drinker first couple days I did drink while on it but not too heavily but I heard it can effect treatment so I stopped. Should I take another dose? Is there a chance it’s not working? I still have pain on my right side (stomach and shoulder) so I feel maybe it’s not working? How long after taking it can I throw up? I don’t throw up pills just bile. It’s also a tablet. At night I do not get as nauseous.


If you are throwing up then maybe you could ask your doctor for an alternative antibiotic with a PPI.

Diane A

Its probably already absorbed after an hour. Take it with a large glass of water to flush it further into the small intestine. As to if its working or not, you would have to be re seen as we dont know anything about your physical exam and diagnosis.