Stomach cramping after taking Ibuprofen but no other symptoms?

I have taken Ibuprofen before and this is a new thing for me. My stomach also feels warm? But I feel normal and alert. Should I call 911 or not... when is the time to call emergency?


Ibuprofen commonly causes nausea and cramping so make sure you are taking it with a meal. In severe cases, it can cause an ulcer which is when you would want to seek medical advice. If you see any blood in you stool (dark poop) then you would want to stop taking immediately. You can also try acetaminophen (Tylenol) which is less harmful to the stomach. Just make sure to separate by at least 2 hours from the ibuprofen.


Hmm, yes, you may be sensitive to Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (their side effect is GI bleeding). Stop taking it immediately, replace it with paracetamol which works the same way.


Headline reader, that's what you are. Try reading the back of the bottle. Since you're on the internet, google the side effects of ibuprofen.


Eat a banana for cramping to ease