Would 30 co codomal / 30 panadol kill me?



They would turn you into a person addicted to co-codamol and harm your liver, for sure, it won't be very pleasant.


It might kill you eight or nine days after you take it from the liver damage! it's not going to kill you immediately though it's going to make you sick and put you in the hospital. They'll find all the crap in your body and put you in the psych ward. And in there you can sit there for the next week and wait for your liver in your kidneys to shut down. And die a very slow painful death. Or you might get lucky and live through it. 30 mg vape juice contains nicotine. Nicotine is by far the most poison deadly drug that you can buy over the counter guaranteed to kill you! In minutes not days. If a person bought a $25 bottle of vape juice and drank it down. Especially with some whiskey they'd be sure to die.