Do people know that 5G sends out deadly milimeter waves that cause disease, wave radiation damage, and even death? Politics, Disease, Health, Engineering, Technology, Physics


If you want to believe that garbage, go right ahead. What are you going to do when 5G is implemented and you can't escape from it --- live in an underground faraday cage? If there is any real hazard, it will be found out and lied about just like the theoretical hazards you are regurgitating from some pseudo-authority are. In other words... You can't win, so there's no point in bleating.


It doesn't cause harm unless you're vulnerable to it, then it will fry your brain, the same as Yahoo Answers does to many.


so they said the same about microwaves at first and cell phones and the sun


just like cell phones cause brain cancer ???


I worked with microwave radios for 34 years and have had no problems. Before me, my father was a radio guy, starting with being a radar tech in the US Army in WW2. He had no problems except alcoholism... having a Marine with a .45 assigned to execute you in the case of imminent capture tends to do that. The whole RF sensitivity is a hoax that has been debunked by lots and lots of studies. There is not even a workable theory based on physics. The wavelengths are too long to affect molecules (like DNA) and the power too weak to pose a heating hazard. You are being fooled.


very enteresting! i think alix jones did a segmint on this.


I can't remember.


conspiracy theory

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If you wear your tinfoil hat you'll be fine.

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5G is run by the Chinese. Coincidence?


and loss of memory


It is the power that makes microwaves deadly and communications does not use generate extreme power waves. Radar microwaves are deadly and can burn a hole in you if you stood in front of a focused transmitter.

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Junk science is just a form of propaganda. The linked YT video is 100 percent garbage, produced by some ultra-right religious sicko.