Do you every feel that some Phd’s in science including physics have thier heads kind of stup up thier rear ends?

Now that they finally seem to have thier best ever shot at finding a TOE thier own scientific method has failed them completely because it cannot be made subject to the rigor of extreme testing with any technology we are likely to have this century and already some are starting to reject it simply because the simplest most pretty versions of supersymetry have been ruled out, seriously they found the Higgs where they least expected it so why then would they assume that supersymetry would be any thing less than the most complicated and ugly version that is still physically possible, yet some of them still say assume nothing, how hypocritical


This is what is known as a diatribe. It fails to make any point or ask a question.


No, my sons PhD research was for BP Oil, Physics can be used in many ways.


Only rhe ones from Trump University.


I knew quite a few members of the Rutgers physics department, Post-Docs, and they were all very good people. No presumptuousness or arrogance whatsoever. After 35 years in astronomy, the physics guys were actually quite refreshing.


Proving once again that if you're looking for some really hard-hitting factual criticism of cutting-edge scientific research, anonymous idiots on Yahoo Answers truly are your best bet. Moron.


Their Stuck You are not qualified to judge someone's intelligence.


The sine qua non of all Ph.Ds with their heads up their as*ses are actually not to be found in the field of science , but in psychology


<some Phd’s in science including physics have [their] heads kind of [stuck] up [their] rear ends> Hey, everybody needs a hobby. I say do it while you're young--when you get to be my age you won't be able to get your head anywhere near your rear end. Don't believe everything you've heard about Steve Bannon, either. . But it sounds like you've been eating some sour grapes there, son. I'm betting you don't have anything close to a PhD in your CV, it that the root cause of your dyspeptic concern? Why are you emotionally invested in this, anyway? . <seriously they found the Higgs [boson] where they least expected it> I'm pretty sure they expected to find it at CERN. Why, did it turn up at the art museum? I'm not sure where I would least expect to find a Higgs particle, actually. . .


So you are upset that a few scientists are fixated on super-symmetry. That's too bad, but since those few scientists really don't affect anyone's life or society at large its irrelevant to most rational people.


This is true in all subjects not just the sciences. I have met very few Ph.D's who act like they are normal people. My father was one of them. Maybe two or possibly three. One of them is my age. New Ph D's are usually the worst. I had one insult me on a live chat session online. I did not say anything at the time, but I gave him a piece of my mind in an email, phoned and email my student adviser,. I think he got a lecture from the dean about unprofessional behavior toward mature physically handicapped stuff ts. I got an A- in the class. I am 12 or more years older. Apparently someone with three bachelors degrees and almost 2 masters degrees who is the same age or older than you are and who is a faculty dependent is quite intimidating. Knowledge really is power even when you do NOT have s Ph.D. You are just as arrogant as any Ph.D. This is NOT a question. This is arsnt shoeing off your lack of knowledge. Willful ignorance can be very expensive and very fatal. BS, More S, Ph.D.