Does science explain why parents want their children to be successful in life?



It is a evolutionary advantage to have your children be successful - they will attract better mates and be able to produce and support more offspring.

Adullah M

Successful in life has so many dimensions, both abstract and concrete ,for abstract things such as, joyful, happiness, admiring, cheerful, warmness ,love, satisfaction ,so on and so forth, which belong to the category of spirit and soul of human being that is beyond the scope of material science to fathom. In case of concrete things or materialistic point of view of science to explain why parents wanted their kids to be successful is still in doubt, whether science can explain by using certain formula to work that out , similarity to having the rate of pain from 0 to 10 that Doctor used to cure the patient.


Clearly, it would be an evolutionary pressure.




Science notes that parents support their kids. Bears support bear cubs. Coyotes support coyote pups.


no that's not even slightly true. they may want them to be successful but at the same time try to sabotage them at every opportunity.


It could. This seems like a leading question....