What is the expected genotype from this pairing?

In cats, black fur B is completely dominant to brown fur b. You have a brown fur, Manx cat that has mated with the neighbor cat (black fur, Manx tail). The neighbor cat had a brown fur- parent. There are 60 kittens born. Enter the number of kittens you d expect for each genotype: MMBB 0 MMBb 7.5 MMbb 7.5 MmBB 0 MmBb 15 Mmbb 15 mmBB 0 mmBb 7.5 mmbb 7.5 I got this, but it seems weird because why would they choose a number that leads to 7 cats, and a half? What I got wasn't the answer, so I'm just not clear on what the genotype is. The only thing I can think of is MM, but that means the neighbor cat is mating with a dead cat...

Nekkid Truth!

Its representing your odds. It does not mean that you literally "will" get 7.5 kittens with those genetics out of 60. It means your odds of that genetic is 1/8.

Love my Newf

Sorry - I don't help backyard breeders. You don't have a Manx much less an unaltered one. No way in hell. You have a no breed domestic without a short tail. What a scumbag you are for breeding it.