Are the states that voted for Trump the only ones in deep-freeze now?

just askin'... Don't get me wrong: Would rather freeze than have president pelosi in the White House. just sayin'...

Atarah Derek

No. It's rather warm in Montana for January. In the low 40s, in fact. And as a Montanan, I fail to see how a bit of cold is punishment for...well, anything, really.

The Football God

It’s a chilly 51F here.


Oh, you mean the states in Russian Federation, so the answer is no. The Crimea is located on the balmy shores of the Black Sea. It was 57 degrees f. there today.


if you knew about the Illuminati (or whatever name you want to call it) you would know about HAARP


To err is human, to troll is pathetic


Do the libtards still think man made climate change is real? just askin'...


It's nothing to do with politics. Let me solve the seeming riddle for you. As political preferences of states differentiate along geographic lines, it is very likely that extreme weather events will hit a subset of states and therefore only one party preference state roughly. I will go even further and say that , all things being equal, conservatives States are indeed more likely to be hit by natural forces. Why? Because the major cities tend to be outisdide major natural extreme disaster zones, because people obviously chose to settle in prime areas more. The backward areas in terms of education and economy are also, on average, more ecological disaster prone. And apart from more uneducated people who tend to be more conservative, these areas also have less immigrants making them further conservative.