Is California similar to Florida (weather-wise)?

Many people tell me it is.


No. It's humid in Florida, and not so much in California. Plus, California's southern part is subtropical and it snows in the northern part, which it rarely does anywhere in Florida. Florida is more tropical.


much LESS humidity in California .................................


Both are large states with multiple climates, especially California, because California ranges from subarctic to subtropical, while Florida is just subtropical to tropical. Depends on where in each state. The Southern part of California is pretty similar other than that Florida is more humid and rainy, and SoCal gets a bit colder at night in winter. Most of Northern California is warmer though, so you could say overall its pretty similar, because most of California is warm and sunny usually as well, despite having multiple climates, and so is for Florida as well.

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nah, florida doesn't get earthquakes, california doesn't rain in some parts or have hurricanes. Also florida doesn't have snow like some parts of california does


I've been to both and not really. California is a dry heat and Florida is sticky swamp heat with bugs to boot. IMO California heat is more tolerable and I live in Michigan where we get humid, just not as hot as Florida. Sticky swamp & humid is outright miserable. Sticky is code for sweaty. There are also parts of California where they have a real winter and get snow. That's the northern part of California, sometimes they get more snow than Michigan does. Florida may get a bit chilly to them but it's still in like the 50's, here and there it will get down to the 30's for a day. 105ยบ degrees either way is hot... wear some high spf sunblock (not sunscreen). If you're deciding on a vacation destination... Hawaii.. Can get hot but it's usually breezy too so it sneaks up on you and the sun there is different, also need a high SPF sunblock because the breezy makes it feel like it's not as hot as it is and at night though it cools down.


Yes for the most part. warm and sunny for majority of states.