What is the coldest state in the US?

I live in South Dakota and today, it's -36° (Fahrenheit) with windchill. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be -60° (Fahrenheit) with wind chill. I feel like either we're the coldest state or North Dakota is.


Are you forgetting Alaska? Their record wind-chill was -97F at a pass in the Brooks Range.


Wow it's 34 degrees right now in Alaska I think you could actually use your state to open up and ice factory without machinery to freeze the ice lol yeah I think North Dakota is taking the record I was thinking about actually moving there because jobs were said to be plentiful but then I found out there's no place to stay and it's too cold for me and I decided not to go.


What exactly are the attractions of living there?



Atarah Derek

Presently or on record? Record low temp, contiguous US: -70°F, Roger's Pass, MT, 1954 Record low temp, entire US: -80°F, Prospect Creek, AK, 1971 Current US low as of this post: -40°, various spots in Minnesota


You give two local temperatures for one day. Hardly enough to determine which state is coldest.


Probably Montana up in the mountains.