Why do we so seldom have a White Christmas in Washington, DC?



The real reason why seldom is there seldom have a White [sic] Christmas in Washington, DC [sic] is b/c like most of the U.S ... its latitude is not high enough; therefore ... not typically cold enough for snow. The fact DC is relatively close to the open waters of the western Atlantic ocean doesn't help matters much either

Atheist Dude

IDK weather not cold enough.


blame affirmative action


It's because you live in a humid subtropical climate zone and a plant hardiness zone of 7a/7b. This means that your winter temperatures generally do not get cold enough to sustain snow and most of the time you won't have it. Your average temperature in the dead of winter is still around 40'F which is far too warm for snow. Put it this way, I live near Detroit in climate zone 6b and even here, a white Christmas is hit or miss. We didn't have one this year. In fact, we only just recently had our first snowfall.


Because Washington, DC isn't that far North and actually has a Humid Subtropical climate like Tom said, because it borders on the Southeast, so Arctic air doesn't usually reach far enough. Also, their winters aren't as cold as Northeast(Albany, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston) etc. Also it's usually in the 40's during the day, which can snow, but still is kinda warm for snow to stick.

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All the hot air keeps the snow from sticking.


Minorities.... smh