Are humans considered animals?

Are we a practically just a different kind of animal with better brains and more rules?


Of course. Did you think we were plants?

Steven S

We sure aren’t plants or minerals.

poldi2: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Suborder: Haplorhini Infraorder: Simiiformes Family: Hominidae Subfamily: Homininae Tribe: Hominini Genus: Homo Species: H. sapiens


Yes humans are a species and all animals belong to a species its pretty logical.

Mr. Smartypants

Zoologically, humans are animals. We fit neatly into the evolutionary taxonomy along with the other apes. But we are very different from all the other animals. We are unique in many ways, most having to do with our brains. Very often, when people use the word 'animals', they mean all the animals except us. For instance, when someone talks about 'animals' in a zoo, or on a farm, it's implicit that they don't mean humans, they mean other animals. Creationists believe humans were created totally separate from the animals. God made the animals, then he made us. So we are SPECIAL! We are the culmination of creation, the finishing touch. If creation was a Christmas tree, we would be the angel at the top. But scientifically, technically, etc., we evolved just like all the other animals.

Folie a deux

Humans are animals.


Pretty much, yes. We belong to the Animal kingdom, to the order of Primates, and to the Hominidae family, the great apes, which includes not only humans but also such other primates as gorillas and chimpanzees.


Yes, we are members of the Animal Kingdom. We are not plants.

The First Dragon

Biologically speaking, humans are animals.

MARK: Humans (species

Humans (species: Homo sapiens) are eukaryotic organisms. They are multi-cellular, and their cells are differentiated and organised into tissues. Our cells lack any form of rigid cell wall. We are heterotrophs with holozoic nutrition. Our species is mobile, it is diploid, and it reproduces sexually. We are in the regnum Animalia (animal kingdom). Humans are animals.


Other kinds of mammals are carnivores,herbivores and sea mammals.


Yeah we're all very similar. Dogs are still about 300,000 years behind on us tho. Monkeys are probs about 3 to 4000 years away from developing actual human communications like us.. movies have predicted that monkeys will talk in the future and I believe it is scientifically true


Yes. Advanced brain, opposable thumb on a well developed hand, stand on hind legs, advanced speech, control of energy (fire, electricity) are easy to see, but it gave us a unique ability to manipulate the world around us, for good or bad. We can destroy the world.


Yes, we are animals as defined by Biologists.


Scientists say that humans are animals. Scientists say that only two forms of life exist: plant and animal. I disagree with scientists, but that's what I've heard they say. I say humans are not animals. The Bible says humans are not animals. Humans act like animals, but we are not animals.


Biologically, humans are best classified as animals.


The only other option(s) would be eithėr plants or Fungi & various forms of Bactėria of course we are Animals basic common sėnse!


We are living creatures

Question Queen

No. We're above animals. We're made in God's image.


In this world you are either a; 1. plant 2. animal 3. fungi 4. cell Humans have multiple cells so we are not a single celled organism. Humans don't suck nutrients through roots from rocks, minerals and dead things so we are not fungi. Humans don't have photosynthesis so we are not plants. We eat food, crap food, drink water and move, we are also multi-celled, so we are animals.


logic science consider human being as a thoughtful animal , social science consider human being as an animal that makes tool .then human being is a kind of animal.

Adullah M

May be physically ,but not on spiritually . Since mankind poses intellect and freewill while animals posses only instinct. .


We are animals but also more than animals. Humans are made in the image of God and have a soul, intelligence, and free will. Unfortunately many people misuse the gifts we have been given.


No, we're demons


No. Humans are not animals though evolved from them. Human brains can comprehend creation and act with reason and purpose based on this. Animals cannot.


We are so much more than Animals. Just not in a way you cans see with your eyes