Are you thankful for Richard Dawkins?

I'm an atheist because I don't believe in a god or gods. Does Dawkins have a website.

Andymcj78 - Atheist

I respect the fact that he's an Oxford educated Professor who knows a lot about biology.


Who and why?


Atheists do not take too much notice of him but he seems to terrify theists.


I would not say I am thankful for him. I have mixed feelings about him. Sometimes I like him and others I do not. As someone who was a Professor of Public Understanding of Science I do wish he would present science in a better light. Part of the problem regarding a general ignorance about science is people not always knowing and understanding what science is about and what it says. I think Dawkins can be too aggressive in his views and so he does not always convey a good image. I understand and like his message but I do not generally agree with its method of delivery.


No more so than for any other scientist.


Definitely. He made me become a young earth creationist.

Shiksa Genius

He did reverse himself seriously when fellow atheists expressed contempt for how mean and stupid he was being. EG British scientists don't like Richard Dawkins, finds study that didn't even ask questions about Richard Dawkins The investigation into science's public image didn't even ask about the atheist professor, but it got an answer anyway


NO just another fool.