Do owls eat rabbits?



The are hunters for small prey, so they would grab a small rabbit if opportunity allows

.: Yes. They do. https

Yes. They do.

Elaine M

Only the two larger species. Rabbits are too big of prey (and too actively kicking) for the smaller owls. So Great Horned owls and Gray owls it's a yes. All the rest focus on smaller rodents.


First, we need to remember there are over 200 species of owl. Therefore, it is not possible to make general statements about their diet. Some owls will take rabbits as prey as the opportunity arises. Others will not or cannot.


The larger owls do hunt rabbits , snakes , rats , mice , frogs , scorpions , spiders , centipedes ,insects , lizards and baby alligators

TardisAndTheHare: Owl's main foods

Owl's main foods: rabbits, hares, mice, coots, water fowl, and skunks.


I believe so


Bigger owls can, and do. Others are too small to take prey the size of even a half grown rabbit. Take the Burrowing owl, for example, whose full size is about the same as a pine-cone.