Do we eat spiders in our sleep?


Elaine M

Only if they crawl in. It's estimated MAYBE the average person eats 7 in their entire lifespan.


Infrequently. I've eaten more moths than spiders. Just saying.


I doubt it very much. I once went to a lecture given by a spider expert. They do not like draughts and if one blows on them they would move away. So every time you breathed out a spider is likely to move away from your mouth not closer to it.

The First Dragon

No. What kind of spider would go into a person's mouth? LOL


There was this video on YouTube I saw and spiders will actually not intentionally go into your mouth. They’d much rather not, so no worries :)


Of course not.


Lord, I hope not. I like mine with salt and pepper. Can't do that in my sleep.