Newly discovered ichthyosaur species possibly bigger than blue whales. Thoughts?

Dubbed Lilstock Ichthyosaur, it is believed to have rivaled, and possibly exceeded the blue whale in both length and weight. Originally only the length was estimated to have surpassed the mighty blue whales of today, but several weeks ago they also discovered fossilized blubber in an ichthyosaur. Fatty ichthyosaurs greatly balloons our estimate of their weight, now lilstock ichthyosaur estimates on mass have skyrocketed, rivaling that of the blue whale. We have very limited fossil finds, especially of deep sea fauna. We can only imagine what behemoths once swam the oceans.


Some facts from the University involved in identifying the fossil:


Could it be related to the Greenland Shark.


I wouldn't be surprised. Life has existed on Earth for a long time.