What is the fastest moving mammal native to North America?





Falcons are the fastest powered flight animals, peregrine falcon can be considered the fastest animal in the world today and it is from N. America. On land pronghorn is the fastest N. American animal today. Historically the American cheetah was very fast, as were ornithomimid. Important to note, pronghorn are a group of Antilocapridae, that is their subspecies family. That group of animal has exceptional stamina, so while it is not as fast as the cheetah it can keep running for far longer distances in high speed. They are better long distance sprinters then humans [we are actually very good long distance runners]. Ornithomimids which I mentioned before, are theropoda, meaning they have bird like respiratory system, so they are even better long distance sprinters then any mammal including the pronghorn. Ostrich are the kings of long distance sprinting today because they too are theropoda [but not in N. America].


A transplanted cheetah.