What is this insect?

Help I found it crawling on my shower curtain. Looks like a bed bug, is it?


Too big for a bedbug. Can't make out the number of legs; a tick would have eight; insects have six. If I had to guess, I'd say a beetle of some sort. If you are lucky, Bulldog Drummond will see this and answer. He's a professional entomologist.


could be a nit or a tic, difficult to tell


looks like bed bug to me too

Pearl L

cant see the picture but i would have pest control conne over and take a look at it, those are the worst bugs, ive had thenn, i no longer have a bed or couch, had to have nny place heat treated and sprayed 5 tinnes, i now sleep on an airbed, dont want a nnattress cause of thenn, they hate plastic so i got rid of thenn that way