Where is a penguin found: tundra or artic?



Where did you lose it?

Elaine M

SOUTH pole. And polar bears are only found at the NORTH pole.


How come if you have become a great flower painter the penguin might have to choose the easy path?


In neither because penguins are found only in the Southern Hemisphere but not all spheniscids are found in Antarctica.




OMG, I hope your teacher didn't ask this. Tundra is an ecological term while arctic (note spelling) is a geographical one. You can find tundra in the arctic or, if you go up a mountain on the equator, you can find tundra there too. And, at the proper altitude, you can find tundra in between the two and also in the southern hemisphere. You will not find penguins in the arctic; they are restricted to the southern hemisphere Most of them are in the colder areas but they get as far north as the equator.


The Antarctic. They are also found in Southern Australia and New Zealand.

Kt Skycat

ANTARCTIC. The "tundra" is specific to the "Arctic". Penguins are from the opposite side of the planet in the "Antarctic". Come on, now pay attention!


Well, not the arCtic - that's the north pole. (There ARE no penguins at the north pole.) They live in antarCtica and Patagonia, which is the very tip of South America, mostly in Argentina, so in tundra.