A question about East Asians?

If East Asians score so high supposedly on IQ tests... Why is it that Japan's inferior military weapons technologies was a deciding factor in Japan's defeat ? A Battleship so large and so heavily armed that it proved more useless than t!ts on a boar. Japan used aircraft carriers, in fact Japan's navy was a pioneer in Aircraft carrier warfare.. And like the rest of the Axis, their aircrafts were thinly built, and unnecessarily heavily armed. Why is the population of Asia generally so poor and why do the majority of East Asians live in dictatorships and tolerate it?


Don’t see the connection


Japan had a mighty military. They did not have the resources to replace what they lost. America did. Inferiority in weaponry was not a factor, In fact, Japan had superior technology in some areas at the start of the war. They just could not maintain it.


There is intelligence and stupidity in all human races and ethnic groups. There is a high amount of evidence to suggest I.Q. tests are not valid


Because average IQ doesn’t translate directly into military weapons technology superiority, obviously, what a dumb question.


because you are stupid to believe that iq and military technology are a accurate way to judge overall intelligence you must have a low iq yourself to believe that iq and military prowess determines intelligence


Japan would have actually had more military prowess. Their traditional culture almost entirely revolves around martial arts. Japan sent the cream of their crop into the Military, whereas the USA sent high school dropouts, menial labor workers, and even convicts and disenfranchised people into the Military, virtually ALL of them under age 20, (teenagers). Japan's personnel would have had a better education and they trained in the Military longer and harder. Japan is an island nation, not very far from mainland asia, not unlike Britain vs Mainland Europe, but Japan has had horribly aggressive neighbors, unlike Britain.. And Japan was aggressive itself. Before the 1870s, a step onto Japanese soil, meant death by Samurai. In fact that behavior from Japan lead to Japan being crushed by Britain, in the early modern history of Japan. :)