I’m white How can I change my race?



Well, if you're a 100 meter-type, you will have to lose a few pounds, lean out a little, to run marathons. The 100m and the marathon are very different races.


Suicide is what you are gagging for.


In addition to a deep tan, have your hair curled tight and colored black. Also learn to speak in ebonics, such as "dis an dat, ma paro offica say ifn ah mizz disappointment, I's goin back to da can".

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Get a really great tan.


next time you fill in a form check "other"


You can do it legally via some type of proof you are another race such as family records, genetic tests,ect.


You can’t. No matter what you do, you will always be white


Get a real deep tan, change your accent, maybe learn another language to switch it up a little, then move to a different country and get citizenship there p


Tar and feathers, but leave out the feathers. They might make you white again.