Is really that a big part of white americans have german ancestry?


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Yes. Because the Saxons (Germans) settled much of Europe: Iberia (Spain), France, British Isles, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavia, etc.The English are even called Anglo-Saxon . The ancient Angles (Danes) were originally Saxons. Many English names have German roots: Smith from Old German Schmitt, to smite or hit metal. Nelson and Johnson were originally Scandinavian (Saxon). U.S. soldiers in the Great War ("WWI") were hesitant to shoot at Germans who could be their cousins. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, King George of England, Tsar Nicholas of Russia were First Cousins. Many of English blood simply won't admit these things.

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This isn't an actual question. Many American have German ancestry, in part. Mostly because there were a lot of Germans in Europe or at least people who have been called Germans at some point and these Germans were Protestants, which meant they could come to the US and skip any sort of lines, as long as they paid for marginally better tickets. In most German states or states with large German minorities, you had to either conform to the ruler's religion and serve in his military, or get out. This led to a lot of German's being spread around in a lot of countries. This is why so many Mennonites Hussites, and Baptists ended up in the US. It is also why Trump's draft dodging Grandpa ended up here, who was German, despite the family being so ashamed of being German that they claimed to be Swedish until recently. Donald trump for instance, still claimed to be Swedish when he published his book.


most americans have english ancestry


About 15% of the US population are considered German American.

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no a lot of them are more italian than german


Only of those who still speak German


Not many.