My niece is dating a guy named Aaron Naperstine, is that a German or a Jewish name.?



Why does it matter.


Ask him, How can we tell where his people came from or what his religion is. What kind of name is sequestered from fact? It does seem appropriate. Weird first name though, who names their kid ,Liberals?


What is the political significance of this question?


Aaron is most often found among Jewish men, but biblical names in general are popular. I know non-Jewish men named Joshua, Jonah, Jesse, etc. Naperstine? Never heard that name, and I suspect you made it up. However, just so you know: German and Polish surnames that a lot of people think are Jewish could just as easily be borne by non-Jews -- Catholics and Lutherans with ancestry in Germany and eastern Europe. My husband is Jewish, and we know both Jews and non-Jews with his German occupational surname. Hitler had a close associate named Rosenberg. You may be sure he wasn't Jewish.


Does it matter? It's none of your business anyway.


More likely American........ surnames do not tell you country nor religion

Dawna: Why don't you ask HIM? P.S.

Why don't you ask HIM? P.S.: How is it that I saw this question in politics category but when I clicked on it was in a different completely unrelated category?


Just tell her to marry him!!!!


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Probably American