Were Egyptians African?



They still are... Egypt is still located in Africa.


Geographically they are North Africans, distinct from Subsaharan Africans. Originally, they were a mixture between people from Somalia and Ethiopia with people from West Asia. Hence one cannot say they are 100 % Africans, at least not as an ethnic group.


Only in the way that Egypt is in Africa. Many would self-identify as Arabic nowadays Cleopatra was Macedonian Greek.

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Black African, no. A team led by Johannes Krause managed the first reliable sequencing of the genomes of 90 mummified individuals in 2017. Whilst not conclusive, because of the non-exhaustive time frame and restricted location that the mummies represent, their study nevertheless showed that these ancient Egyptians "closely resembled ancient and modern Near Eastern populations, especially those in the Levant,


Egypt is in Africa. But Ancient Egypt was not always ruled by Africans, most notably the Achaemenids and Romans


Egypt is in Africa


Do yourself a favor and look at a map.


they are different to ******. I had an Egyptian friend from school and her face colour was a light tan and had long straight hair.




Egypt is located in Africa, so in that sense, Yes. But they were not related to sub Saharan Bantu and other 'black' peoples, if that's what meant. In our color happy 20th-21st centuries this keeps getting mixed up. In ancient times people weren't color happy like we are today.Skin color didn't matter that much. In the time of ancient Egypt Africa was home to many different peoples of different skin hues. There were the sub Saharan peoples/ Bantu and others, Ethiopians, Pigmy peoples, the San aboriginals of South Africa, the Saharan peoples, Mediterranean European type people on the north coast, and yes the Egyptians in the NE corner by the Mideast. Sometimes Egypt even had Pharaohs from Nubia, a north Sudan people related to Ethiopians, that today we categorize as 'black', but people then didn't type people by skin color. Egyptians were most related to the Saharan people mixed with Mideast people, and now and then some Nubian. They were part of the Mideast culture.


They may once have been African, indeed Professor Leakey says we were all once African and walked out of the place in prehistoric times. The Greeks too, because the Ancient Greeks were black. Here are some:


Who the hell were the Nubians? They surely were in Egypt at one time. Also, why are there paintings, drawings, hieroglyphics were images of dark skinned people? Either they look at these people as Gods or they put themselves up on those rocks, walls, papyrus, etc.


Continentally yes. Racially no. They were northern African like Quadaffi




Unless Egypt was moved to Antarctica while I wasn't looking, yes. There is more to Africa than Subsaharan Africa, if you are thinking in political terms. In biogeographic terms, no.

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No, they were Eskimos, now they're Swiss.