Who was the white person down in history that stated white people are superior?



I'm sure there was no one person. However, white Europeans probably started to get that idea around the time they began enslaving black Africans. In fact, they may have gotten it from Arab slave traders, who'd been taking slaves from Africa for several centuries before Europeans got involved in the trade and who often had rather racist opinions of their "goods". After all, they had to justify the enslavement of these people somehow, and claiming they were inferior because they hadn't come up with all the things whites had (not having needed to in the warm climate in which they lived), and weren't Christians either, probably seemed like an obvious means of doing it. Most of them knew nothing about Asians, of course.


I m sure lots of white people have said that over the centuries.

Big Mama

We like to think we're better than others, that's not unique to white people. It's similar to religions, each of them claims to tell the truth (then the rest are all bogus).


It was no one in particular,it was bigots


Japanese tend to think they are superior. Chinese tend to think they are superior. Africans tend to think they are superior. Germans think they are superior. Arabs think they are superior. East Europeans think they are superior. Whites in America tend to be less racist than other people.


There was only one??

Mr. Interesting


Qidong Jiangsu





Abraham Lincoln did.