Will the rise of racist "Chad" types have a dysgenic effect, as more artistic incel types do not breed/are cuckolded?

This is a serious question. Similar to the domestication of dogs, in that over time certain breeding patterns change a group/race/tribe of people as a whole, will the fact that racist/masculine men are having children but the introverted nerd/incel/MGTOW/beta (use whatever label you wish) are not, will it have a dysgenic effect over time? Will cultural, philosophical, and mathermatical prowess be slowed or dealt a blow by modern breeding patterns? I apologize for using the word racist, I simply mean tribal oriented types/natural group protectors/guardian personalities in a group. @Anonymous: Though I agree it has been the norm for these types to succeed throughout history, do you not think since more modern times the artist or cultured thinker was not for a time reproducing? Attractive genes will almost always reproduce (whether their offspring is attractive is unsure because of chosen partners), but even Hollywood has stopped that. Many attractive men and women live brothel type lifestyles without reproducing in a Hollywood setting. @Anonymous (again): How can you not see that during times of high culture low aggression were where arts are pursued and that the more artistic/beta types were more likely to reproduce than the warrior (again not accounting for appearance, attraction will always likely reproduce) In times of excessive modernity and excessive safety like the times we are in now the artist type has become the cuckold/incel type and the chad/warrior type is idolized again. Not to say this is wrong, but... Chads are not philosophers or artists or mathematicians...


For the majority of history it's been the strong, "chad" types of men who have reproduced, because they either took women by force (for example, the Vikings) or they were the strongest members of the tribe to protect their women and therefore secured more women which led to more offspring for them. Whilst the genes of the parents have some effect on the offspring, two average intelligence parents can produce a genius or an idiot though so it doesn't mean culture just stops when less artistic or intelligent people reproduce.


Since when are incels not the exact same people as the racist toxic masculinity douchebags? The only difference is their self-awareness that women don't want them.

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Doubtful. You're ignoring the genetics and family history of the mother.

The Lord Humungus.

Every incel is just a chad wannabee. Same douchebag and they're not remotely artistic.