Am I a Koreaboo?

-I take Korean language classes -I am planning on going there -I love K-pop -I like their fashion -I watch K-dramas -I learn about the culture -I like the food


Well that depends. Do you think you are Korean or try to make yourself look like you are? Because that is the definition of Koreaboo. My mom is so obsessed with French culture she says she is half French, but no one thinks that's weird lol. She knows absolutely everything about France and Paris is her dream. She speaks French ever chance she gets and obviously she is not French or close to it at all. You can like a country to a healthy point. I think no one says it's weird my mom loves France so much because it hasn't consumed her whole life. Koreaboos are not just people who like kpop or want to go to Korea. They are brainwashed. So if you are healthy with it you probs arent a koreaboo




The wide majority of people who obsess over Korean culture, who study Korean, who go out of their way to eat Korean food, who try to dress like they're Korean, who watch Korean dramas and listen to Korean music, are just sad, pathetic losers who are incredibly boring and they mistakenly believe that being into all things Korean will make them seem interesting. But it never does. Koreans don't care about foreigners or what they think. They find Westerners who obsess over Korean culture to be just as strange as other Westerners do. I've never met a single person who was obsessed with all things Korean who wasn't a total and complete buffoon.


Based on your description no. If that is all you do it's fine. Ever since Korean pop became so popular around the world a lot of people have liked it and developed a fascination for Korea.


You are a Koreaphile.


as long as you don't disown your own culture and pretend to be Korean you are not a kboo