Could it be that the world making me feel uneasy with the fact of being a delicate, sensitive woman?

You hear all these things how women need to be strong and fight off everything and everyone and verbally assault men. I tried to be that for a long time. But I am just not built that way. I'm a stereotypical dainty flower Being submissive is lame to girls today. I cant help if I am like that


The first thing to do is to embrace who you are; in that way you can love who you are. Loving who you are is your strength; it is the strength of all people on this planet. Most do not because they figure they have to be like everyone else. I am like no one I know and I love who and what I am. I am a woman.


First, life experiences teach and moulds us a lot. We should not resist that natural process. Second, you MUST love yourself the way you are. To answer your question, and doubt, I can say that sensitivity is NOT a weakness. It is a strength. A strength to feel others pain, and sorrows, empathize with others, etc. People who are hard on the outside may be very sensitive on the inside too. But there’s no point if they cannot show that. What you must do is to be who you are, and always focus on being better, and making sure that you step up if anyone tries to put you down. Be a combination of BOTH. Be strong where you need to be and be sensitive where you need to be. Be BALANCED. If you are being verbally or in any way abusive, it IS NOT RIGHT. You are affecting other people who may be sensitive too. If they end their life, its on you. So be careful. Think of yourself as leaving an effect wherever you go, coz whatever we say can NEVER be taken back and is out there. Just effecting others either in a good way or bad. Whatever actions we choose, effects too. We have repercussions. Always focus on being someone whose existence is not a bother to anyone and someone who everyone will only talk good when they remember. So in a nutshell, channel your sensitivity to something good. Sympathize with others being abused or being ill-treated and act. Do not be sensitive if others ill treat you. You correct them and stand up for yourself. Be your own strength. Theres enough issues in the world with us questioning our own personality or character. We all make a difference, in some or the other way. EVERY INDIVIDUAL. Im sure you have too. So just love yourself, and if someone says you are too sensitive and weak, then don’t take it as a bad comment. Rather analyse it in 2 ways: 1) Is that comment coming from a close relative, friend or someone not so close. 2) If its from someone close, then do some self-analysis. Think of ways you can be strong but don’t lose your quality of being sensitive. If more sensitive people existed, there would be no harm or crime lol. 3) If its from someone who isn’t that close, maybe they are trying to break you and take advantage of you. Think wise and hope this answers your question. I wish you well.


Do you know Asian girls are ranked below white girls in terms of overall attractiveness and yet beats out white girls in overall attention they receive on dating sites? Want to take a guess as to why that is? Because men think Asian girls are submissive, while they think white girls are not. The point here is that submissive is very cool for girls to be and all those ladies that tell you it is not are just dead wrong.