Does my dream mean anything significant?

I recently had a dream of someone I used to have feelings for, and who disappeared from my life after telling me they wanted something more when they really didn’t. The biggest takeaway was me asking them in the dream if they were going to run and leave like they always do, and their answer was no. Then I just woke up. I don’t know if this has any meaning, if they think of me or whatnot. We haven’t talked in over a year.


A year is a long time to be out of touch with someone you think might like you. You say you had feelings for him before, and then he disappeared from your Life! You dreamed he would not run away again, and that was hopeful dreaming. Do you think he is ready to change his actions? Your dream is a wish dreams. How do you think he would react to you in real Life after disappearing from your Life for a whole year? Could you feel safe, or would you always fear he would leave again? That is not a happy way to live!

Good Man

Despite long time u did not see him , ur mind is not able to forget him .U may had inwardly crush on him but perhaps could not disclose ur crush . Ur mind is reminding u of that time and , in fact , telling u to not lose any opportunity any more if u find such person again in ur life