I had a dream about an orange snake with 2 tails. it followed me around and it attacked me. Does anyone know what it means?

the snake was attacking me and i couldn t kill it. it attacked me and my family. I ve had this dream many times and i don t know what it means.

Homer Bufflekill

yes, it means you are a witch...throw yourself off a cliff.

Good Man

Ur partner is cheating u , though u take him charming , he is prince charming of some one else too


Tail. To dream of a tail is a warning that a situation you may face or is connected to your own sexual pleasure. https://www.auntyflo.com/dream-dictionary/tail DREAMS ABOUT SNAKE AND VIPER Snakes and vipers are usually a phallic symbol (It represents a man, fertility, motherhood, virility or sensuality, depending on who dream). Although in some cases it has to do with the fertility of the land, with the maintenance and the life force. https://nelamoxtli.com/snakedm.html The orange color represents the commitment A snake with two tails represents an unfaithful man, but since you killed the two-tailed snake in the end, it means that you got rid of a commitment or courtship with someone who did not suit you


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It means you had a dream about an snake, it was orange and had 2 tails. Most dreams are based on things that you've seen, and hybrids like this are an amalgamation of other thoughts and things seen. The problem is, your subconscious knows whats going on, but your conscious is looking over it's shoulder, trying to make sense of it's filing system.