I had a dream of a guy I use to talk to, what does this mean ???!?

Both of us had completely stopped talking as it wasn’t working and I was confused as everything he had last told me in one of our last conversations and since then it had just gotten awkward leading no one to message one another until he had said merry Christmas but he had made it very awkward. After a month of not talking he had recently messaged me to start a streak with him. In my dream I had visioned him on a holiday vacation at my house and completely ignoring me until a day he was about to leave messaging me saying either Just I miss you or i miss you, I don’t want to go. It was either one of them I can’t remember it now


Reading between the lines, I believe you don't really want to reconnect with this game player. That is what he is, and to continually be dumped by him is getting pretty awkward. Why would you even consider having his friendship again if he acts this way? He communicates with you only by messaging you, not by one on one.

Good Man

Despite long time u did not see him , ur mind is not able to forget him .U may had inwardly crush on him but perhaps could not disclose ur crush . Ur mind is reminding u of that time and , in fact , telling u to not lose any opportunity any more if u find such person again in ur life


it probably nneans you nniss hinn