I would like opinions on if this dream was just a coincidence or if there could be more to it?

I was standing around and my sister came up to me and said, "I have to go now." I somehow knew this meant she had to die. I said, "Why do you have to go, I don t understand?" She said, "I just have to go, and I won't be coming back, I'm sorry." I panicked and begged her not to go, she then walked away and disappeared. My dream went on, I don't remember the context. She re-appeared and I was very excited and relieved. I said to her, "I thought you were dead?" She stood there in silence and disappeared again, leaving me upset. My dream went on. She appeared again. At this point I was frustrated and I said, "I don't know why you are doing this, just go or stay!" After this I don't remember anything else. I have had dreams about loved ones dying before, I didn't think too much of it. I was sitting at work and it was 10AM. I received a call from my mom and she was crying. She says, "Your sister tried to kill herself last night." I was in utter shock and disbelief. She had been away at college for 3 years, there were no signs that we could think of as to why she would do this (hindsight 20/20). After talking to my sister, she tried to OD on pills. She stopped when she realized she really didn't want to do it, and that is when she reached out to her roommates for help and was rushed to the hospital. I truly never thought my sister could be suicidal. Is it possible my subconscious knew what was happening to her that very same night or could it be a crazy coincidence?


It's possible, especially if you and your sister were close. Many people feel things or dream things concerning their relatives or even friends before they happen. I'm glad your sister is all right.


The Bible says God speaks to people through dreams, and over time I have learned more about it. There are many testimonies from Christians who had dreams where something strange was happening to a loved one. This is God speaking to their spirits to alert them their loved one is in danger, and that they need to pray for them. I recall this case where a man was called to pray and pray, and later he learned his brother was in a big car accident. Law enforcement had no explanation how he survived and with such few injuries. I have had such experiences myself. In one case I was on vacations in another state when I felt the Lord wanted me to pray and pray. Later than night I was watching the news and learned that a tornado came through my neighborhood. The houses of my neighbors were damaged, my house had no damage at all. This is one of the beautiful things when you have a relationship with God through christ and you learn to listen the prompts of the Holy Spirit. It is a relationship he wants, not religion. it sounds to me that God also speaks to you, but you are not aware that it is HIM...as it happened with your sister. I hope you will receive him as your savior and pray for wisdom to discern his voice. it cam make a huge difference in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones. How to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? It is the easiest thing in the world. Just close your eyes, focus on him and pray something like this: "Lord Jesus, I repent of all my sins and I ask you to wash me clean. I am sorry for all the bad things I have done and the many times I broke God's Will. Please forgive me and fill me with the gift of the Holy Spirit. I want to belong to God. I want to be adopted into his family as his child. Come into my heart. I give you control over my life. Please lead me through the Holy Spirit and make your Word real to me. Fill my soul with the peace that surpasses understanding and help me change so that I may lead a life that is pleasing to you. I want to go to heaven and I want to be called by the Fathers name. As of today I declare that I belong to you". Amen If you do this with all of your heart you will start noticing subtle changes inside of you and step by step your life will change. I am speaking from experience.