Weird Ted Bundy dream??

Info on me: I’m a 19 yo male. I watch crime shows on occasion but nothing about serial killers and I’ve been too busy to watch tv recently. Also I live in a big city. In the dream Ted Bundy picked me up in an old blue truck. We were driving on a mountain road and the scenery was very beautiful. He was a father figure in the dream, or at least that was the vibe I got. I wasn’t scared of him at all. He gave me advice about how to interact with people and be charming. I really had a fun time in the dream just driving around and talking. We would joke around and he’d tell me about great places to go camping or go hunting. Hopefully he meant deer but I’m not sure... What does this mean for me tho? Maybe I’m just worrying for nothing but I’d really love your take on what this could mean!


It means you are possibly gay.