What does this dream mean?

I'm almost 30 years old, however, last night, I had this dream where I had 2 cars, but was back in high school, living with my parents, and was about to go begin my senior year. However, on my first day of school, I went outside only to see that both of my cars had been stolen and I ended up missing my entire senior year because I never got my cars back and nobody would give me a ride to school. What could this mean?


When we dream of cars, or a car takes a huge roll in a dream, this often symbolizes a time for change. The car transfers us to a different place in life. You're looking back to the past. Maybe subconsciously reminiscing on the youthful years behind you. In your waking life you're approaching another chapter as you've said you're nearing 30. This dream could mean you feel the gap between now and then hasn't been what you expected or hasn't been enough. Maybe you regret not doing somethings. The car wasn't present, you're not sure you're ready to transfer on. Perhaps you want to remain as close to your youth as possible. Don't be afraid of change. New beginnings can be a great thing, full of new experiences. Hope this helps.