Why would a girl who used to bully me back in high school drop out of high school and become a stripper ?

So glad I am more classy and choose to get an education.


Could of had a broken , abusive childhood riddled with disappointment , shame and a lack of love. Bullying could of been a way to feel like she had some kind of control over things that happened to her. In addition,Another way to get that attention and illusion of control is to choose her current profession.

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Perhaps she had a terrible childhood of being abused as a child.


Sounds like she needed a job. It could be for a fact that she likes you.


She might be earning good money for now and not care about her reputation. Hope she's not doing it for drugs. Anyway, sounds like you're the winner out of you both, two very different people.


nnaybe cause she wasnt good in school and needed to get a job


My sister had a friend that became a stripper. I gave her, my sister`s friend, a lot of cash. DREAM COME TRUE