Am I a industrialist, white bastard because I believe in pure capitalism no matter what?



Such absolute certitude of knowledge makes you a simpleton. And your irrelevant info about skin colour makes you an idiot.


No. In fact I doubt if you are an industrialist of any colour. Nor do I suspect you are a political economist. My guess is you are a webmong like the rest of us and haven't got a clue what 'pure capitalism' might be, but think it has something to do with Ayn Rand.


You don't have to be an industrialist to be a pure capitalist. You could be a slimy banker instead, or a gangster.


No you are a [sic] industrialist, white bastard for other reasons too.


You're nobody who has never read the wealth of nations.

John P

No, you are somebody with a distorted view of what even the most "capitalist" nation actually does in the world. Even the USA has some manifestations of socialism, in the form of unemployment benefits and some sort of provision of public health care. Me? I live in the mixed economy of Britain.


No matter what? Does that include disregarding the needs of your employees and those less well-endowed than yourself?


Exercising the brain cells, I would think capitalism, to capitalise a nation, land or society for the housing, clothing and feeding an defence of a nation is an incremental imperative predicating the emergence of humanitarianism, for want of a better word, where quality of life cam be afforded to the masses by a well capitalised funded society, or individual, having worked all their lives, saved their salaries so they can live a reasonably comfortable if not luxurious life fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Such is the lot of man god and society. capitalism is a methodology towards finding institutional freedom from economic struggle and a milestone towards the creation of a free civilised society.