Capitalism worships evil? What does the ideal or utopian society look like anyway, what is it?

Only sharing observations and not positioning against Capitalism cause all so complicated. More complicated by the fact that we appeared on this planet dumb (life just happened to us from our perspective and not aware of the big WHY and such). So, aren’t we all really dumb? Maybe, maybe not - who really knows, and how would we know if any one person does or not? By evil not the idea of Oh she wears a short skirt and curse type of evil. Life is strange and tricky. The devil (metaphorical) comes in many forms especially sheep’s clothing. Have to point out not simple minded view of evil and the devil cause many people not able to see further than their nose. So, they often restrict and misinterpret the meaning and point. Anyway, it seems capitalism breeds a society of deception and bullshit. By definition, it worships money and greed. Therefore, is it a surprise such has formed the ruling class? For any sane and reasonable person, it’s sickening to witness and survive thru it really. Like you have to deal with monsters at every corner disguised as decent, model citizens. Only a few recognize that the world is backwards and many are clueless and delusional stuck in a bubble of small mindedness. However, every form of civilization has failed really not just Capitalism resulting in the most menacing rising to ranks of power and greed. So, is the ideal or utopian society for humans even possible on this planet?


its human, whatever dogma we will corrupt it and blame the dogma


Utopia means "no place" because the perfect society cannot exist


And yet capitalist countries have the highest standards of living & the most freedoms of any countries on earth. Communist countries (and dictatorships) have the lowest standards of living of living & fewer freedoms. Socialist countries have high standards of living, but also very high taxes to pay for all their wonderful entitlement programs. I always thought the best form of government would be a benevolent dictatorship. Problem is, they rarely stay benevolent. Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm perfectly happy with capitalism & our representative republic. No system is perfect. All have their flaws. And there are ALWAYS people that will try to exploit them. Venezuela has vast oil reserves. They tried to create a socialist utopia. Instead they've created a nightmare.

Mr. Interesting

Uh, capitalism has NOT failed. Where are you getting this bad information? Religion has failed. It has always failed but people are so desperate that they cling to anything when they don't understand reality.


Methinks capitalism is devastating when not controlled, like a flood that needs to be channeled. Its mechanisms can be used and directed for good deeds too. Having a capital allows you to develop projects that you couldn't otherwise. The problem right now is that capitalism is the only driving force, there's nothing to counterbalance it. And the only rule of capitalism is "if it generates a profit, do it". We need a few additional rules or it will devastate everything. I also think, rather than speaking of "evil", it's more useful to speak of "unconsciousness". A lot of people is doing harmful deeds because they are like numb inside. When they "wake up" they change their behavior automatically because they no longer see the point of creating suffering and loneliness. Of course, in people who are very unconscious, ignorance and evil are so extremely mingled that are difficult to differentiate. Hopefully the human race is in a march towards the light. How long will it take? I don't know, but more and more people is noticing that what we have right now does not work, and we can do so much better than that.


No money, everyone sharing, so there is no conflict, no poverty, no greed and everyone is virtuous.