Is it possible that the popularity of massive suvs and pickup trucks is causing our roads to deteriorate quicker?

Heavier vehicles wear down our roads faster than lighter vehicles. It's not rocket science!

Donnie Porko

Yes and lack of maintenance. Potholes keep popping uprecently and the city isn’t taking care of it.


Large trucks for proportionally far more damage than passenger vehicles when you look at the psi pressure their tires exert on the roads.




Not really. Today's mid-size SUV is not heavier than a full size sedan of the 1960s. It's just that there are more of all kinds of vehicles on the roads today than there were in the 1960s so the roads wear out faster.


not if the weight is distributed to the road-surface better. In physics class we were told to compare an elefant to a woman in high heels. The latter does more damage to your floor


They run mostly on diesel.

Pearl L

anything is possible