Is there such a thing as trickle up economics and will it kick these cooperate monsters in their ***?



Everybody knows that Trickle Down Economics is Reaganomics (voodoo economics) Fake News Trump Economics all that doesn't work. So if Trickle Down doesn't work, then trickle up must be the answer.


yes there is, and no it won't. Give poor people some money and they will spend it. The sellers of whatever they buy will then have more money, and spend more themselves. Trickle down doesn't work because the rich don't have any reason to spend what they have if they already have everything they need


yes, it was in the former soviet union. but it has already collapsed. now is only a mess-up.

The Taxpayer

You bet. Venezuela has it!


Trickle up economics is the French Revolution and the Madame Guillotine or the Bolshevik Revolution and Comrade Musket.