Name one economic system that does a better job of creating wealth than capitalism?



Economic systems only seem to create wealth if you look at the richest part of society. Wealth is created by resources and by WORK. Capitalism is very good at *concentrating* the wealth. Poor people can't buy shares, can't get interest on their non-existent savings, and can't invest. the root cause of western societies being rich isn't capitalism, it's fractional reserve banking: Creating billions of dollars in debt, so you can invest in ships, crews etc... Socialism would not create billionnaires, but it would reward people for their (own) work, and eliminate extreme poverty


People that complain about the wage gap ignore that the poor in capitalism live better then the average in any other system. Being envious of a wage gap is pure envy. Destroying the masses economic opportunity due to that envy is detrimental and retarded.


Good luck finding one. I'll be following this question because I'll be fascinated to see some of the other answers. It's going to be interesting to see answers that disagree and the logic for why that system does a better job creating wealth. Capitalism -- i.e. free enterprise -- is the best economic system because it allows an individual to determine their fate and their quality of life.


Social Market economy, but you have to live with a mountain of regulations.