What about results based pay?

No equal pay for anybody. Except for industries like restaurants where all servers are payed the same except for tips, all cooks are paid the same and all dishwashers are paid the same. Different pay for different positions. Here is what I mean about result based pay. For example each group is paid for end of the week production count. Everyone goes home with a check but group a s check might be more or less than group b s because of production count is more or less.


You don’t get to decide what prices are, you fool.

Power Flower

Gosh, revolutionary!! I'm going to suggest it to everyone i know that picks fruit or works in real estate...


your idea is the old lot payment idea where you produce more you get paid more It is currently used in sweat shops You don't seem to understand that regardless of a persons income , All of the bills are still the same amount so a person an a weekly income of say $400 will still have the same bills to pay as a person on $1000 a week There is never a system where the bills are relative to the income of the person


Some of us are paid that way. Now that I am getting older and slower I am can expect to get paid less and less until terminated, that's a problem. People who are paid regardless of their performance lower my income when my production is effected by them. My income decreases when business can't supply work. Decrease when there is weather. Many people would accept less pay rather than irradic pay.