What s the opportunity cost, trade off, and marginal analysis for the defense budget in the United States?



the wall and food stamp.


Last year $590 Billion - this year requesting $685 Billion opportunity costs - (pick one, or mix and match ) 1) $685 billion in Obama Care 2) $685 billion reduction of the debt 3) $685 Billion tax reduction to the American people marginal analysis - The next 10 biggest military budgets combined are less than the USA budget. AND over half are allies. So ask yourself. What is the bigger risk to you as an American citizen with your Country spending $100 billion more. 1) You die of a curable Cancer but can t afford treatment. or 2) You die from a North Korean bullet when they invade.


Having the strongest military in the world means that the USA remains the world's superpower. We are not perfect, but the world is a better place for the USA being dominant, certainly better than if the world were run by Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the USSR, or Red China.