Whats the difference between European people and American?



Everything! Starting with different cultures in different countries and areas. Just look at the basque in Spain. They are nothing like the spainiards let alone nothing close to Americans. Every place in Europe has it’s own beauty and own sense of uniqueness. I guess on a more general perspective many Europeans are more social. They are surrounded with a lot more culture and communities throughout Europe tend to be closer together and more friendly. So I guess, while Europeans may be quitter they are also more empathetic and sociable.


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Europeans are parasites living off the American tax payer, why do you think Trump went to EU last year and told them to meet their NATO expenditure goals, and all European leaders including Germany put their tail between their leg and said they would try? Ever wonder why American military expenditure is 1/2 of the worlds? Because through NATO and the UN we have paid for most of Europe, Japan and S. Koreas military expenditure ever since the 1970. They are parasites, numbers do not lie, no ifs and or buts about it.


The European is arrogant, especially the Germans. American is just cool.




The Atlantic Ocean

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One is the country where they were born. Thanks Very Best Wishes Mars Source:) Magic carpet.


where they live