Do U agree that it is unfair to say men age better than women just bc they develop wrinkles later when there r many other ways men age worse?

Beer bellies, hair growing from nose and ears, deep forehead wrinkles, bags under eyes, grey har and balding... I don't get how anyone could see this as more attractive than a few wrinkles around the mouth. Nope, men start balding earlier. Men get fine lines later but they get deep forehead wrinkles earlier than women. Also men store fat in their bellies while women store it in their hips and thighs so men get beer bellies earlier.


Women are prone to all those things but vainly try to hide it with cosmetics.

Andy C

Beer bellies are not due to age. Same cause as obesity and diabetes II.


Nope disagree. When women age I dun like em. I like soft skin


Hormone decline drives weight gain of women up around their waist as they get older voiding out your beer belly argument. Both men and women can experience hair loss/thinning. It's also not age related, but hormone and genetic related. Since the skin of men ages slower it follows they will develop deep wrinkles later on average. Gray hair in men and women starts to occur around the same age. That's of course not mentioning that people in their twenties can also go gray. Both men and women experience longer hair in their nose and ears. It's just that the hair growth in those areas in women isn't as noticeable as they get older.


well i think it depends on the person genetics, its not rlly a sex or gender thing

Ackiller J



In all the ways men age it's due to the stress of living with women. Some examples: - He drinks way more than he should and goes on to develop a beer belly, because the wife is constantly harping at him. - The bags under the eyes are from working so hard; to support her shoe /handbag /makeup /diamond addictions. - He becomes grey way too early for both of the above reasons. Therefore the very reason he ages is because of her. Then she crows about herself aging gracefully and he letting himself go.