Is sexual harassment policy weaponized to criminalize unattractive males merely for being unattractive males...?

Is it now a crime for a male person to be unattractive...


It can easily be seen like that. But girls be saying, “Boy you is butt ugly and get away from me.”

No Regrets

Looks won't help you get a woman if you're self-entitled âsshole. Elliot Rodger is a great example. I know incels and MGTOWs look up to him. Jerks tend to surround themselves with other jerks and validate each other's behavior. The truth is you could be a dick and it has very little to with your looks.


You are confused. no


No and no.


It is weaponized simply for the the benefit of the lowest common denominator. The policy of prohibiting unwanted sexual behavior in the workplace or everyday life is a sensible solution. But automatic dismissal on accusation was the beginning of turning it into a weapon that could be used without any kind of due process. And, of course, there will always be people of the least common denominator that will take advantage of it. Look at the "believe all women" movement. A woman that you couldn't believe when she said it was raining without looking out the window to check is automatically to believed if she claims that someone misbehaved towards her. He's gone without a second thought. Does anybody really think there AREN'T females that wouldn't use that kind of power to her advantage?




Yes and to blacklist conservative men. I've personally noticed that harassment and violence against women only seems to be a problem when it's conservatives doing it. Me, because of feminism I've decided to ignore and shun women. See how they like their feminism when Muslims become a majority due to high birth rates.


I hate women so much that I don’t want to show feelings of love towards them or anything intimate, so this isn’t a problem for me

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Not really