Why do feminists want it to be a crime to be an unattractive male..?


Armchair Goddess #1

You are allowing your own insecurity to tarnish your perspectives, Mickey Knox. Women who choose to be independent and free-thinking are not as focused on a physical fa├žade as you seem to think. Besides, there are very many ways to be alluring or attractive, one of which is someone with wit and self-confidence. You've waxed yourself into a proverbial "corner" by making unproven assumptions, so my suggestion to you would be to work in building up your self-esteem. Learn to value yourself just as you are right where you are, and in the principle of "As one's mind goes, one's energy flows," you will begin to attract folks who share your inner shine.


They don't want that to be a crime. There are radical feminists who say stuff along those lines, but that just makes no sense. They want men and women to have equal rights and opportunities, that is all.


Nobody wants it to be a crime to be an unattractive male, ya loony.