Why do I feel tenderness and lust for a guy I don't even know?

He's a coworker from east europe. He's tall, cute, cold eyes,serious and always upset face. He whistles while working and limps cause hes really tall and has a bad back ache. He works like, 40 hours a week. He probably just works and sleeps and starts the day again. He smiles when I get to work (probably mocks me) and lifts boxes in a weird way (he basically bends down with his legs open,like old people). Weird. I think he's sexy, hot and tender at the same time... why ??😖😖 I want to jump on him and kiss him and feel upset and pretend not to care about him cause he talks to all girls except for me. If We were married, I would massage him, kiss him, make lunch and dinner and comfort him all the time. But he hates me. Why do I fel all these mixed emotions for him? Tenderness, pity, hate and love.


It's lust. And you've fantasized about him to the point of you being married to him and how that would go. For all you know he's the biggest weirdo on earth.


It's pretty simple. You feel this way because he is physically attractive to you. That's all it is. If he were ugly, you wouldn't feel this way. You know little to nothing about him. These "feelings" are just the result of what you have manufactured in your brain about his personality and character BASED on your physical attraction to him.


maybe try talk to him