Can conjoined twins go to jail?

I have a hypothetical question serious answers only please. Let’s say there is a pair of conjoined twins. They are joined at the hip or somewhere and they have decided not to be separated. One of them is evil. The other twin is good. The evil one is a serial killer and he chloroform’s the good twin and then murders people while the good one is asleep. The detectives find out that the evil one was the murderer. A jury find the evil twin guilty. What would the punishment be? Could the pear of twins both be sent to prison or? Would th murderer go free so that the good twin could be free? I am wondering because in America you cant just put someone in prison who is innocent and I would like to ask my US history teacher this to stump him.


somehow I don't believe this has ever happened

Common Sense

Sentence the evil one to prison. If the good one decides to join, rather than separate, that's their choice. It's clear however that the "good twin" isn't really innocent and probably aided and abetted. Anyone who knows anything about chloroform knows that in reality it would have affected both of the conjoined twins, since their circulatory systems are joined, so therefore in reality, the chloroform excuse was just that - an excuse. The "good twin" wasn't really chloroformed. They were both lucid when they crime was committed and obviously the "good twin" was present. Hard to claim he or she wasn't there......


Yes, they are conjoined so if one did the crime they both would be in jailed. Professor was being polite............